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Doug Eng

Selfie – Pisgah National Forest, 2013

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Doug Eng

Prints may be viewed at the studio located at:

CoRK Arts District, Studio M
603 King Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Artist Info

My visual fascination with my surroundings, whether built or natural, comes from many years of trying to understand why things are what they are. An engineering discipline seeks to explain and rationalize the world, and to develop solutions to problems. My curiosity about forms, structures, patterns, rhythms, and textures is a natural outgrowth of the need to find order in all things. But it is chaotic randomness that creates uniqueness and vitality. Our world is both simple and complex, structured and random, free and bound…all in a simultaneous expression of what IS. This is my realization through photography and these are the subjects of my investigations.

I have enjoyed diverse careers as a Professional Engineer in the power industry, a software programmer, and a small business owner. My education includes degrees in Structural Engineering at Cornell University and an MBA from the University of North Florida. I am pursuing a lifelong interest in photography and have studied at various workshops throughout the country. I have won numerous awards in juried competitions and am published in several magazines. My photographic specialties are urban and natural landscapes. Jacksonville, FL is my home and I am involved in several projects to revitalize our city’s urban core through the arts.

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